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What we offer

Globally unsurpassed premium rehabilitation. Benefit from the most advanced and individualized therapies in a setting that offers a unique level of hotel accommodation and service at the Leading Wellbeing & Medical Health Resort in Bad Ragaz.


We offer you the following medical departments for inpatient rehabilitation:

Neurological rehabilitation

Our patients are people who have neurological diseases or whose nervous system has been damaged by an accident. Once a brain is damaged, the damage will always be there to some extent. However, even patients with the most severe brain damage can experience improvement in their condition. This is because the brain has a networked structure that allows it to adapt to new requirements. We cannot influence this process of adaptation directly. Therefore, in neurorehabilitation, our primary goal is to provide optimal conditions for learning.

Neurological rehabilitation for diseases or injuries of the brain and spinal cord as well as the peripheral nervous system (e.g. strokes, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, brain tumors, craniocerebral trauma, epilepsy, spinal injuries, etc.)

Internal rehabilitation

Internal rehabilitation is for patients who have impairments due to a disease of the internal organs, or who require special care after a major procedure (e.g. acute infections, major surgical procedures, chronic internal diseases, long intensive care stays, etc.). The goal here is to help patients recover function and be able to manage everyday tasks again.

Musculoskeletal rehabilitation

Our patients include people who have impairments caused by occupational or sport-related accidents, wear in the spinal cord or joints as a result of illness, systemic inflammatory diseases, complications following major surgery, or cancer (e.g. arthrosis, gout, osteoporosis, chronic pain conditions, use of artificial joints, etc.). The focus of treatment is not only to remedy physical dysfunction and joint problems – it also aims to help patients remain active and to support their participation in everyday life.

Oncological rehabilitation

Nowadays, many types of cancer are considered chronic diseases. As with all chronic diseases, rehabilitation is crucial in terms of overcoming impairments caused by the disease or the treatment. We have developed rehabilitation programmes especially for people with cancer. These programmes are based on the latest scientific findings. Patients learn not to be intimidated by the severe fatigue, pain, eating problems and other impairments that come with cancer, which allows them to overcome them and reclaim their zest for life.


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