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Long Covid Rehabilitation

Around 25 per cent of those infected with the coronavirus suffer from long-term physical and psychological symptoms for weeks or months after their illness. These symptoms are collectively referred to as “long COVID syndrome”. Those affected can suffer from chronic fatigue, sleep disorders, anxiety and depression. The Clinic Bad Ragaz has created a specialised rehabilitation offer for this group of patients.

New Rehabilitation Concept for Long Covid

Rehabilitation concepts for those affected by the medium- and long-term consequences of a COVID-19 infection have been in place at the Clinic Bad Ragaz since the beginning of the pandemic. In view of the increasing numbers of long COVID sufferers with the long-term symptoms mentioned, a specific long COVID rehabilitation concept was also developed.

The concept is made up of several modules which the medical and therapy team uses to create an individual therapy plan depending on the clinical picture. This includes:

Interdisciplinary medical and nursing care

  • Cardiopulmonary diagnostics and therapy
  • Interdisciplinary rounds
  • Interdisciplinary treatment planning
  • Differential and progression diagnostics
  • Aromatherapy
  • Body and respiratory therapy
  • Sleep rituals

Exercise and mindfulness programme

  • Exercise therapy and muscle building training (consideration of faster exhaustibility and longer regeneration times)
  • Physiotherapy and massage
  • Respiratory therapy
  • Energy management
  • Symptom management
  • Nutritional advice
  • Relaxation therapy
  • Medical training therapy

Psychiatric and neuropsychological care

  • Disease-specific education
  • Individual consultations/examinations by specialists in psychiatry and psychotherapy

Individual support in regaining independence and reintegration

  • Social consulting
  • Occupational therapy

Aims of inpatient treatment

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