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The innovative and individual therapy concept comprises three to five therapy units per day, based on the respective medical indication. Depending on the progress of the therapy and the individual wishes of the patient, the therapeutic measures can be carried out individually with the therapist or in small groups. The range of therapeutic services is rounded off with medical training therapy (MTT).

The therapeutic interventions are carried out by a skilled and experienced team of physiotherapists. The range of treatments includes traditional therapies as well as water therapies. The physical medicine team provides a range of complementary therapies including electrotherapy, heat packs, full-body cryotherapy, lymph drainage and medical massage.

The power of the thermal water

The healing powers of the water from the Tamina spring were confirmed by the famous doctor and naturalist Paracelsus in 1535. We offer a comprehensive range of therapeutic treatments based on a bathing tradition spanning hundreds of years and advanced scientific and therapeutic expertise.

Ragazer thermal water is a valuable gift from nature with unique effects and a rare composition. The 36.5°C thermal water is used for the renewal of the body, mind and soul. The special mineral content and 36.5°C temperature have a range of positive effects on the human body, such as boosting the metabolism and circulation and improving cardiac function. Furthermore, the thermal water helps to alleviate rheumatic ailments, diseases of the nervous system, and lung and kidney issues. 

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