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General terms and conditions of business

Transactions with GRBR AG

1. Area of applicability

These general terms and conditions of business apply to online transactions and online reservations made between the customer and GRBR AG.

2. Establishment of a contractual relationship

The purchase of vouchers and products in the Online Shop and booking of rooms, tables or appointments are made solely online by the customer. GRBR AG will send the customer an electronic order confirmation.

The contractual relationship is established at the time the electronic confirmation is dispatched to the customer. After this time, the customer may neither alter nor cancel the order online.

3. Online booking of a hotel room or suite

3.1 Prices

Prices are quoted in Swiss francs (CHF) and euros (€) including the statutory value added tax.

Room prices and accommodation packages include breakfast from the buffet or served in bed as well as service and statutory value added tax. Free use of the over 6,050 m² Thermal Spa (excluding the Andeer Private Spa) as well as admission to the new 7,300 m² Tamina Therme (excluding sauna) is also included. Children aged 16 and over are allowed in the Helenabad pool.

3.2 Interim and final account

Customers will receive a weekly interim account for services provided during their stay. The final account is payable no later than the day of departure.

3.3 Payment means

Cash, Maestro, Postcard, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, My One Card, Bonuscard

3.3.1 Payments in euros (€)

The exchange rate ruling at the time of billing shall apply.

3.3.2 Agreement by health insurance funds to meet treatment costs

In order to be able to settle invoices directly with health insurance funds, we require their written agreement to meet treatment costs. This should ideally be received by GRBR AG before, but in any case no later than during the stay. In the absence of such agreement to meet treatment costs, the cost of services purchased must be settled directly at the resort (Section 3.2).

3.4 Occupation and vacation of hotel rooms and suites

Room occupation (check-in) from 15.00 on the day of arrival

Room vacation (check-out) by 12.00 on the day of departure

3.5 Guarantees by means of credit card and prepayments

By giving the credit card number including expiry date, the customer is guaranteeing his/her confirmed booking. Credit card guarantees are processed electronically by GRBR AG and require no written confirmation by the customer.

As an alternative means of guaranteeing their reservation, customers may also make a prepayment to account No. 254-K6260206.0 BC 254 at UBS AG, CH-8098 Zurich, with reference to the booked stay. The prepayment will be credited to the account in full at the time of departure.

3.6 Cancellation terms

Cancellations for booked hotel rooms and suites must be received by GRBR AG at least 10 days before the scheduled date of arrival. After this time, a charge will be made of up to 3 days of the cost of the booked services, depending on the length of stay.

Cancellations for booked treatments in the To B. Wellbeing & Spa, To B. Beauty & Care, Medical Health Center, at the hairdresser James Good for You, tee-off times on either of the golf courses as well as table reservations in the restaurants must be received by GRBR AG at least 24 hours before the designated time. If a cancellation is received less than 24 hours before the designated time, GRBR AG reserves the right to charge for the service booked.

As an alternative to cancellation, the customer is free to nominate an alternative person to utilise the booked services.

3.7 Claims for damages

Should GRBR AG suffer a loss as a result of failure to utilise the contractually agreed services (e.g. late cancellation, no show, late arrival, premature departure), this will be charged to the customer.

4. Ordering of goods / vouchers

4.1 Supply of goods / voucher / making available for download (Print@Home)

In the case of the “By post” variant, supply of the goods / voucher is made by postal delivery, upon receipt of payment, to the delivery address specified by the customer. The delivery cost will be indicated to the customer on the order page before completion of the order. In the case of foreign deliveries, the customer undertakes to pay any additional taxes and customs duties. GRBR AG will do its utmost to keep to the delivery times quoted on the website, provided that its own suppliers deliver in the specified time. GRBR AG is entitled to make part deliveries. Any additional costs which may be incurred as a result will not be passed on to the customer.

In the case of the “Collection in the Grand Resort” variant, the goods / voucher will be handed over in the Grand Resort upon receipt of payment.

When ordering a voucher, it may be obtained online as a PDF document and printed out locally by the customer (Print@Home). Adobe Acrobat Reader running on a Windows or Macintosh system will be needed for this purpose. The customer is responsible for ensuring that the necessary prerequisites for printing the document are available. The customer shall take any precautionary measures to prevent utilisation by unauthorised third parties or misuse. In the case of purchased vouchers printed out at home, the customer is responsible for ensuring that his/her voucher is safeguarded against misuse (e.g. copying, alteration or printing out by unauthorised persons). Purchased vouchers may not be resold on the Internet or other networks, nor used for commercial purposes. Printed vouchers must be stored in such a way that all data on the voucher, especially the voucher number, remain clearly legible. GRBR AG accepts no liability for losses suffered by the customer as a result of use / misuse by unauthorised persons or as a result of illegible vouchers.

4.2 Prices

Prices are quoted in Swiss francs (CHF) and euros (€). For payments in euros, the exchange rate ruling on the payment date shall apply. Payment on account is only possible in CHF.

The quoted prices include the statutory value added tax.

4.3 Payment means

The customer can choose from the following means of payment:

4.4 Voucher expiry date

4.4.1 Service and accommodation vouchers

Service and accommodation vouchers remain valid for 1 year from the voucher date (= date of electronic confirmation by GRBR AG). GRBR AG reserves the right to make a surcharge when accepting older service and accommodation vouchers.

4.4.2 Monetary vouchers

Once paid for in full, monetary vouchers remain valid for 3 years and can be redeemed in all GRBR AG facilities including Tamina Therme AG. Monetary vouchers cannot be redeemed in the Casino Bad Ragaz.

4.5 Special conditions in respect of goods and services vouchers

Goods and services vouchers (service and accommodation vouchers, i.e. not pure monetary vouchers) do not entitle the customer or voucher recipient to receive services on any date or time of their choosing. It is up to the customer or voucher recipient to request a specific time for voucher redemption with GRBR AG. If the customer or voucher recipient fails to attend the appointment made for a service to be provided (no show or short-notice cancellation), the cancellation conditions set out in Section 3.6 apply.

4.6 Return / Refund

Service, accommodation and monetary vouchers will be taken back by GRBR AG within 10 days of the date of issue in return for a credit note.

Products in perfect, saleable and unopened condition from the Online Shop will be taken back within 10 days (invoice date) in return for a credit note.

In the event of manufacturing faults or incorrect deliveries of products, the article concerned will be exchanged for a faultless or correct specimen as applicable, provided the customer has checked and returned the product within 10 days of receipt.

When returning goods, the customer number, invoice number and reason for the return must always be given. Return deliveries are always at the customer’s own risk and responsibility.

5. Data protection

The following data protection provisions apply both to this and to other GRBR AG websites. By calling up and using this website for online transactions, the customer agrees to be bound by the following provisions. If he/she does not give his/her consent, he/she is free to use the conventional contact facilities for making bookings and placing orders (in person, by telephone, letter, fax).

The provisions described apply to this page and to other Grand Resort Bad Ragaz pages on the Internet. If you navigate away from these pages and visit third-party pages, please read their data protection provisions. If you do not agree with the provisions relating to the third-party pages, you should not use the latter. By calling up and using these pages, you consent to these provisions.

5.1 Identification of customers on the online booking and shop sites

In order to answer questions, process orders / reservations or maintain interactive customer programmes, it may be necessary to ask for personal data such as customer name, address, e-mail address or telephone number, or to request additional information. Other than if compelled to do so by law, GRBR AG will not pass such information on to third parties without the customer’s consent, or only to the extent necessary to process and execute enquiries and orders or to maintain interactive customer programmes. GRBR AG may also use these data to contact customers by post, e-mail or telephone in order to inform them about new products, services or offers from GRBR AG. The customer hereby also grants GRBR AG the right to exchange all information provided by the customer with companies affiliated with GRBR AG for the aforementioned purposes.

In addition to the personal information provided by the customer, the site may also utilise technology making it possible to gather certain technical information about the customer such as the IP address, computer operating system, browser type, access pattern and the addresses of other affiliated websites.

5.2 Security

The provision of personal data, whether this takes place in person, by telephone or via the Internet, involves certain inherent risks associated with the technology (e.g. possible manipulation or sabotage). GRBR AG takes reasonable precautions to prevent unauthorised access to customers’ personal data or unauthorised use or falsification of these data and to minimise the related risks (e.g. use of encryption techniques when gathering and transmitting confidential data such as credit card information).

Data transmitted via a public network such as the Internet or an e-mail service can be read by anyone. GRBR AG is unable to guarantee the confidentiality of messages or documentation transmitted via public networks of this nature. The customer is aware that when providing personal information via a public network, third parties are potentially able to intercept this information and thereby collect and utilise the data without the customer’s consent. Irrespective of the location of both sender and recipient, data transmission via networks of this nature also commonly, and without controls, takes place via third-party countries, that is to say via countries that do not provide the same level of data protection as the domicile country of the customer or of GRBR AG.

For certain services, customer data are transmitted with strong encryption (for example when making bookings or purchasing services). In these cases, the customer’s attention will be drawn to the treatment of the data and details of the encryption.

Data may be lost in transmission or be intercepted by unauthorised third parties. GRBR AG accepts no liability for data security during transmission via the Internet and declines all liability for direct and indirect losses. Should the customer judge it to be necessary or sensible for reasons of security, he should use other means of communication.

Cookies may be sent to the customer’s computer. Cookies are an information chain, sent by a website and stored on the computer. Specific cookies may be used to automatically collect data on usage when visiting this website. Among the customer data concerned are IP address, data on the areas of the website that interest the customer as well as other data that the customer obtains or enters (including domain name, Internet service provider, protocol, browser type, operating system, etc.). This information is primarily gathered for website administration, for compiling demographic data and for monitoring the website usage and performance. Deactivating the cookie function may result in failure to receive all the information on this website.

5.3 Accuracy of the data collected

GRBR AG may, at its own initiative or at the behest of the customer, augment, correct or delete incomplete, incorrect or obsolete personal data stored by GRBR AG in connection with the operation of this site.

5.4 Minors

Persons under 18 years of age are not allowed to pass on information to GRBR AG without the consent of their parents or legal guardians, nor to make purchases or conduct other legal transactions on these pages unless this is permitted under the law currently in force.

6. Amendments / Additions

GRBR AG is entitled to make amendments and additions to these general terms and conditions of business at any time. Only the current version as published online in the electronic confirmation from GRBR AG shall be valid.

7. Applicable law / Place of jurisdiction

Any disputes shall be governed exclusively by Swiss law. The place of jurisdiction is determined by the Federal Act on Jurisdiction in Civil Matters to be at the customer’s place of residence for orders placed by him/her or at the registered office of GRBR AG (Bad Ragaz). For orders placed other than by private persons, the exclusive place of jurisdiction is Bad Ragaz.

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