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At the Clinic Bad Ragaz, rehabilitation means more than “just” restoring your physical and mental capacities. Rehabilitation is treated like an art form – recuperation on all sensory levels: a combination of the very highest standards of evidence-based medical expertise in the world and outstanding five-star hotel facilities. Individualized, exclusive, competent. We offer you the best possible setting to restore your most valuable asset – your health.

Our specialist areas

The Clinic Bad Ragaz encompasses the following areas of inpatient rehabilitation:

Rehabilitation after treatment in internal medicine

Internal rehabilitation is for patients who have impairments due to a disease of the internal organs, or who require special care after a major procedure. Impairments of this nature may arise, for example from acute infections, major surgical procedures, or chronic internal conditions.

When working with people suffering from internal medical disorders, the Clinic Bad Ragaz focuses on the patient’s own resources in order to achieve the best possible treatment outcome in rehabilitation. Our team will be mindful of the patient’s endurance levels and comfort zone in this process. 

The multi-disciplinary team of specialists will put together an individual therapy plan in consultation with the patient, based on the diagnosis and symptoms. Depending on their rehabilitation goals, the emphasis will be on active therapy methods (individual physiotherapy, med. training therapy, water therapy, etc.), passive therapy methods (med. massage, lymph drainage, acupressure, foot reflexology massage, heat therapy, etc.) or supportive therapy methods (ergotherapy / energy management, nutritional advice, etc.). Our team of medical experts will be on hand to advise the patient on the individual structuring of their therapy plan at all times.
Every person is unique and the same can also be said of their symptoms. The fully trained staff at the Clinic Bad Ragaz will closely examine the patients’ individual needs and enthusiastically support them in their return to their everyday life with renewed vigour and a new zest for life. 

Musculoskeletal rehabilitation

Musculoskeletal rehabilitation focuses on restoring and building up the locomotor system. It is aimed at patients with impairments caused by occupational and sporting accidents, illness-induced degeneration of the spinal column and joints, or systemic inflammatory diseases (e.g., arthrosis, gout, use of artificial joints, etc.).

Surgery on the locomotor system is actually one of the most frequently performed medical procedures – and the numbers continue to rise. Inpatient rehabilitation is recommended to ensure a lasting recovery and a speedy return to everyday life.

The most effective results are achieved by adopting a multi-disciplinary approach. A team of experts from the specialist medical staff and therapists draws up the patient’s individual therapy plan and adjusts it continuously according to their needs. Pain management, ergotherapy and physiotherapy all have an important part to play in musculoskeletal rehabilitation. As well as addressing physical dysfunction and joint problems, the treatment is focussed primarily on enabling the patient to return to their everyday tasks and challenges. The aim is for the patient to get back as much of their previous level of independence as possible and to resume an active lifestyle. This process is predominantly driven by the patient’s individual needs, as well as other factors.

Individual physiotherapies, water treatments and cardiovascular performance training, as well as strength endurance training on therapy equipment are employed to improve impairments to the body’s operating systems. These active musculoskeletal treatments are supported by physical therapies, such as heat therapies, electrotherapies and massages.

High-tech equipment is also a very important factor in the success of Clinic Bad Ragaz’s approach to therapy. A variety of training equipment and apparatus from the in-house Swiss Olympic Medical Centre is used as part of this, but it also involves the most up-to-date robotic techniques, which are primarily used in partial weight-bearing exercises, and balance and coordination training, in order to create a successful therapy programme.

Neurological Rehabilitation

Neurological rehabilitation becomes necessary if parts of the nervous system or the brain have been damaged. This damage may be due to illnesses or injuries from accidents, such as a stroke, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, brain tumours, traumatic brain injury, epilepsy, spinal injuries, etc. Those affected generally suffer from impairments of the locomotor system, speech, awareness, mental faculties and also sensory disorders. Although damage to the brain cannot be completely reversed, even patients with the most severe brain damage can achieve improvements through rehabilitation. The brain has a networked structure which enables it to adapt to new circumstances. The primary task of neurorehabilitation is therefore to create the best possible conditions for learning.

Our multi-disciplinary team of experts will devise individual therapy plans in close consultation with the patients themselves to enable them to achieve success as quickly as possible. Apart from conventional physiotherapy, these plans will primarily include ergotherapy, speech therapy and neuropsychology. The success of every rehabilitation process depends, among other things, on the repetition of procedures and movements, but instead of repeating the same movement on exactly the same training equipment, we believe in variation and involve elements of the patient’s everyday life in this process, meaning that wherever possible, we will make use of staircases and passageways, for example, or the infrastructure in and around the Resort. This means that we have the option of making use of the various types of surface to be found in our own grounds or a specifically designed course. Our top-quality, state-of-the-art robotic equipment, including C-Mill, Alter-G, and MindMotion Go, enables the patient to choose from a wide range of the latest therapies where various situations can be simulated und visual stimuli can be introduced, stimulating reflexes, as well as the nervous system in a specific way.

The emphasis is always on the individual wishes and goals of the patient, as these are the factors that motivate them most on the sometimes rocky road back to everyday life. Working together with our patients, we manage to keep their level of motivation high throughout their stay in rehab so they are well on their way to achieving independence in everyday life.

The friends and relations of neurological patients also often have to get to grips with a situation that is new to them. Clinic Bad Ragaz offers companions various opportunities to support their loved ones and they are able to enjoy the entire infrastructure of the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz, giving them a chance to recharge their own batteries while supporting the patient in these challenging times.

An understanding of the patient’s individual needs is fundamental to the Clinic Bad Ragaz team. With total empathy and specialist skills the team is with our patients all the way on the road back to their everyday life. 

Rehabilitation for cancer patients

Modern early detection measures und effective cancer treatments can significantly increase the life expectancy of cancer patients.

They can bring about a total cure or enable patients to live with their cancer for many years. However, the treatments attack the body relentlessly, causing a deterioration in the quality of life, and organs such as the heart and kidneys, but also the nervous system may be significantly damaged in the process.

Many patients also feel physically weak and tired (fatigue), they experience pain, depression and especially anxiety – including anxiety about getting back into everyday life. And that’s where cancer rehabilitation comes in: we give patients the support they need to return to an independent lifestyle. Rehabilitation is an important building block in overcoming illness-induced or treatment-induced limitations. Physical limitations, tiredness, pain, nutritional problems and other side effects can be treated with targeted therapy programmes developed on the basis of the latest scientific evidence.

Clinic Bad Ragaz offers its patients an extensive rehabilitation programme, whether they have had surgery to remove a tumour, or undergone radiotherapy or chemotherapy. The emphasis is on the overall treatment of the condition and the symptoms. The therapy programme offers a range of options and is primarily structured on the basis of the patient’s individual needs.

The aim of cancer rehabilitation is to improve the patient’s quality of life and facilitate their reintegration into everyday life. This is achieved by a therapy plan tailored to suit the individual patient in consultation with the various specialist departments concerned. Depending on the symptoms, the focus may be on energy management, nutritional advice, building strength and endurance, or pain management, or a combination of these elements.

Throughout the rehabilitation programme the welfare of the patient is always the top priority. The Clinic Bad Ragaz team will help their patients return to their everyday life with renewed vigour.

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Please note that mask wearing will be compulsory at the Clinic Bad Ragaz from 27 June 2022 until further notice. Thank you for your understanding.

Our competence team

Doctors & Specialists
Clemens Sieber MD

Leading chief physician Clinic Bad Ragaz, Specialist in Internal Medicine, FMH

Serafin Beer MD

Head physician neurology Clinic Bad Ragaz, Swiss Medical Association doctor specialising in neurology

Christian Schlegel MD

Head physician Clinic Bad Ragaz, Physical medicine and rehabilitation FMH, Sports medicine SGSM, Man-ual medicine SAMM, Interventional pain management SSIPM, Musculoskeletal ultrasound SGUM

Joachim Leupold

Swiss Medical Association doctor specialising in psychiatry and psychotherapy

Friderika Györgyne MD

Clinic physician

Svetlana Sidorenko MD

Clinic physician

Diana Craatz MD

Clinic physician

Susan Lüönd

Head of Care

Robin Julia Grojer

Certified Nurse, Nursing Specialist

Brigitte Susanne Wiedmer

Certified nurse

Christine Bigler Ritter

Certified nurse

Silke Bebi

Certified nurse

Ruxandra Alina Balajel

Certified nurse

Susanne Bollmann

Certified nurse

Helene Kräutler

Certified nurse

Cornelia Picco

Certified nurse

Sina Rose

Certified nurse

Susanne Schwitter-John

Certified nurse

Sabine Wymann

Certified nurse

Elodie Mulyadi

Certified nurse

Lucia Hobi

Certified nurse

Natascha Stefanelli

Certified nurse

Irena Arambasic

Certified nurse

Corinne Roffler

Certified nurse

Juliana Cristina Jäger

Health specialist

Ruzica Maendli

Health specialist

Luijeta Ramadani

Health specialist

Rahel Rieder

Health specialist

Mariana Trindade

Health specialist

Karin Hunziker

Nursing Assistant

Myriam Wattenhofer

Patient companion

Bettina Bühler

Patient companion

Manja Tusche

Administrative Site Management

Isabel Häussler

Clinic Administration

Andrea Zürcher

Clinic Administration

Stefanie Schenk

Clinic Administration

Daniela Frommelt

Clinic Administration

Cindy Eggenberger

Physician Secretary

Annalena Möhr

Physician Secretary

Elisabeth Zogg

Physician Secretary

Jeannine Truschner

Head of Therapy

Stella Petrillo

Team leader physiotherapy, patient coach

Lea Thoma

Patient coach, Physiotherapist

Yves Weder

Patient coach, Physiotherapist

Fabrizio Bachelut

Patient coach, Physiotherapist

Andrea Bürkli


Eliane Spiess


Christian Schwarz

Medical masseur

Daniela Frommelt

Medical masseuse

Heidi Eggenberger

Speech therapist

Katrin Negele


Ruth Bauer


Petra Gantenbein


Maria Schmidt


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