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The therapy concept is tailored to your needs and implemented by our team of doctors and therapists depending on your diagnosis and treatment history. The concept is based on your individual capabilities and goals – and allows you to make progress step by step. You benefit from our therapists’ many years of experience, expertise and ongoing further training.


Our therapies are interdisciplinary, patient-focused and individualized. Our experienced therapists are multilingual, have intercultural skills and attend to your needs with a high level of empathy. Our comprehensive range of therapies includes:


The focus of our physiotherapy services is on the individual improvement of lost or maladjusted functions. This requires active participation on the part of the patient. Our team of therapists work as movement coaches. We guide and advise patients with mobilizing, stabilizing, strengthening and coordination-improving exercises to help them on their way to recovery. For this purpose, we use modern and effective techniques and methods to reach the treatment goals set together with the patient.

Occupational therapy/activity therapy

By planning treatments individually for a patient, they are able to recover or maintain their capacity to act independently in their personal, social and professional lives. We apply our specialized expertise to reintegrate patients into their daily and professional lives in the best way possible.

Medical massages

We offer the full range of medical massage techniques, including classic massage, connective tissue massage, lymph drainage and foot reflexology massage – tailored to the individual needs of the patient.

Clinical psychology

Psychotherapy is a method of treatment for people with both mental and physical illness. Psychological suffering can express itself in every area of human life. It manifests itself in different ways, mostly as physical complaints, depressive mood, in the form of fears, listlessness, emotional breakthroughs, addictions or compulsions. With the help of psychotherapy, the patient should look for changes in his life, in his attitude, in his experience and in coping strategies that can heal or alleviate his mental suffering.


The field of neuropsychology deals with relationships between the brain and behavior. The goal here is to restore functions that have been lost after brain damage caused by an accident or illness. Personalized therapies are designed to minimize impairment in the areas of attention, learning and remembering, sensory perception and action as well as communication and planning.


Logopedics encompasses the assessment and treatment of acquired central language and speech disorders as well as neurological and oncological voice and swallowing disorders. Our goal is to improve patients’ quality of life. Optimizing speech communication abilities, developing non-verbal methods of expression and/or improving swallowing are possible elements of the therapy. The scope of logopedics also includes counselling and guidance for relatives to optimize communication between the patients and caregivers in their day-to-day lives.

Nutritional advice

A balanced and personalized diet is important for health and improves the quality of life. Nutritional therapy can be used for the purposes of prevention as well as treatment. Our nutritionists offer their scientifically sound expertise and advise patients during their rehabilitation stay in all aspects of nutritional therapy. They work closely together with doctors, nursing professionals, therapists and chefs.

Social counselling

The social issues facing patients and their relatives are also part of the therapy during the rehabilitation stay. We offer help arranging the discharge after rehabilitation.

Therapy Team

Jeannine Truschner

Head of Therapy

Stella Petrillo

Team leader physiotherapy, patient coach

Lea Thoma

Patient coach, Physiotherapist

Yves Weder

Patient coach, Physiotherapist

Fabrizio Bachelut

Patient coach, Physiotherapist

Andrea Bürkli


Eliane Spiess


Christian Schwarz

Medical masseur

Daniela Pipos

Medical masseuse

Daniela Frommelt

Medical masseuse

Heidi Eggenberger

Speech therapist

Katrin Negele


Andrea Lottenbach


Maria Schmidt


Ruth Bauer


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