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In which specialties are rehabilitation programs offered?

The Clinic Bad Ragaz offers rehabilitation programs in the specialties of Neurological Rehabilitation, Internal Rehabilitation, Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation, Oncological Rehabilitation. All important information can be found at www.clinic-badragaz.ch/en/what-we-offer.html

Where can accompanying persons stay overnight?

Relatives of our Clinic guests are welcome to visit. You can either stay directly in your Clinic room or in one of the two adjacent five-star hotels of the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz.

What does the therapy offer at the Clinic Bad Ragaz include?

At Clinic Bad Ragaz, rehabilitation is more than just restoring your physical and mental abilities. Here, rehabilitation becomes the highest art - feeling better on all sensory levels. You can find more information at www.clinic-badragaz.ch/en/

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