Long COVID Rehabilitation
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Long Covid Rehabilitation

Some 13 % of all those infected with Corona virus continue to suffer long-term physical and mental consequences for weeks or months after their infection. These are referred to collectively under the term «Long COVID Syndrome». Sufferers experience symptoms such as chronic fatigue, sleeping disorders or anxiety and depression. The symptoms are so wide-ranging that currently no clear definition of Long COVID exists. But the fact remains that it is an illness that has to be taken seriously, that requires treatment methods specifically designed to suit those affected. The Valens Clinics, a group of highly specialised clinics in Switzerland, of which Clinic Bad Ragaz is one, have jointly developed a rehabilitation approach, geared to each individual set of symptoms, which involves addressing the conditions experienced by the individual patient, such as pain, gastrointestinal tract disorders, skin problems, etc.

Many Long COVID patients see their everyday lives disappear in an instant and have no idea how they will get them back. At the Clinic Bad Ragaz we can support you with evidence-based therapies and a special approach specifically developed for the treatment of Long COVID. With empathy and understanding we can help you get your normal life back.

Aim of in-patient treatment:

  • Raising physical capabilities and resilience
  • Improving the management of the patient’s individual symptoms
  • Raising levels of concentration and perception
  • Improving strength and coordination
  • Acquiring individual energy management skills
Important: Our offer focuses almost exclusively on international patients. If you are insured in Switzerland, we will be happy to help you with the referral to the clinic that is right for you.

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